Saturday, 9 July 2011

About This Blog

This Blog is dedicated to the restoration of a Triumph T120R, that has been in the family for over 20 years. The bike was aquired for R350.00 form a motorcycle repair shop, when the owner defaulted on payment. The frame and engine topend was stripped, frame was sandblasted and epoxy painted. Due to other commitments the bike was crated up, where it remained, surviving several moves. In the process of moving the rocker covers and cylinder head bolts went missing. The engine when stripped, had a set of 40 Thou oversize new pistons, with no carbon on them, so we assume the motor may have been overhauled. There are a few bits missing, such as speedo and rev counter as well as the timing cover and other odd's and ends.  When disasembling the front wheel, the bearing retaining ring snapped off, this will have to be repaired with welding.

My father had a 55' T110 in pieces, which my sister is busy restoring,
My son is taking a keen interest in the restoration, I guess he has aspirations to ride the bike one day soon!!!

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