Saturday, 13 August 2011

More parts

Before and after shots of the air cleaner, after vapor blasting.
Before and after shots of the crank case, after vapor blasting
Two screws we had to make, on the carburetor manifold.
Loos part's going off for Cadmium plating.
We have had to take apart the tank so that we can get all the rust out! And fix all the rust holes! Not looking forward to this one.

Side cover undergoing sanding step's. At each grit level, all traces of mark's must be gone. For deep marks the process starts with a body file.
More before and after on crankcases after vapor blasting.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Movie Star

It's so awesome it was chosen to be used in the move "Last Man Standing" :P


Vapour Blaster (Used for polishing the parts with glass beads and water)

A vapor blaster was constructed, so as to achieve a stunning finish on all the aluminum and other metal part's. It basically involves blasting a slurry of glass bead's and water, under 2 to 2.5 Bar of air pressure. it is a slow process, however the result's are outstanding. The machine was simply constructed using plastic barrel's and a pool pump to provide the circulation, and slurry formation. The machine as a whole works very well, even if a bit messy. The system has an air solenoid valve, so air supply is established when the pump is running. There is a wiper blade and motor to keep the scree clear. We did eventually add a flap door on the side to facilitate easy insertion and removal of parts. We also use a drip tray on the floor, to pick up anything that may escape the door. Steel part's must be immediately dried and rust inhibited, or they parts turning brown in minutes. I think dipping them in alcohol might work the best.

Progress on build (taking apart engine)

 The Tools We Had to Make for Taking Apart The Engine

Here are some of the photo's from Germiston

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Germiston Motor-Cycle Club

Today we went to the Germiston Motor-Cycle Club to see if they had any of the pieces that we need. Unfortunately they didn't have any parts for us, but we did manage to see lots of Bonneville's and one or two Tigers. I will put the picture's up soon :D