Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Crankshaft is back from grinding, but still have to clean out the dirt trap.
Fork stansion's have been polished and clear coated with 2K clear paint.
The crank sludge trap, was FULL of dirt!!
To remove the retaining plug, the punch mark was drilled out, then a slot was made in the plug, by drilling a series of 3mm dia. holes, that were worked until there was a slot. A large flat screwdriver bit was driven in to the slot. It would have helped to heat the plug up, to free up the thread locking compound. With a lot of effort on the socket wrench, the plug final came out. The the top crank bolt was removed, as it secures the sludge trap. Then the sludge trap was tapped with a M16 Tap, for say 3-4 turns, and an M16 Bolt and nut threaded in. When the nut was tightened, it drew the sludge trap out of the crank.
The dirt was then manually extracted from the cavity using a screwdriver, then a large twist drill, around 19mm Dia. The crank was then washed in paraffin, and eventual vapor blasted to remove all remnants of the carbon deposit's. The sludge trap was also cleaned in a similar way.
Here are the new taper roller bearing's and dust cap's for the steering head bearings.
Another view of the steering parts.
Tightening the fork stanchion stud's with Locktite, using the 2 Nut technique.
Locktite being applied to the stud's as a thread lock, as this is a safety critical item.
Parts of the forks.
Swing arm, pivot components.
Finally the swing arm is in!
Taking shape.

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  1. Great stuff so far, hope ya keep on keepin' on!