Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Vapour Blaster (Used for polishing the parts with glass beads and water)

A vapor blaster was constructed, so as to achieve a stunning finish on all the aluminum and other metal part's. It basically involves blasting a slurry of glass bead's and water, under 2 to 2.5 Bar of air pressure. it is a slow process, however the result's are outstanding. The machine was simply constructed using plastic barrel's and a pool pump to provide the circulation, and slurry formation. The machine as a whole works very well, even if a bit messy. The system has an air solenoid valve, so air supply is established when the pump is running. There is a wiper blade and motor to keep the scree clear. We did eventually add a flap door on the side to facilitate easy insertion and removal of parts. We also use a drip tray on the floor, to pick up anything that may escape the door. Steel part's must be immediately dried and rust inhibited, or they parts turning brown in minutes. I think dipping them in alcohol might work the best.


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